A linky, a laugh, and some Friday tidbits

2014-04-16 12.01.39

Are you on G+? ¬†Are you following me or any of the awesome bloggers hosting this link up? click it.. go ahead you know you want to.. So I haven't been here since Monday. I had company and the grandson. Can we say FULL HANDS. But we did get to go out and have fun with the company and they loved seeing Brody. Both of them couldn't believe how big he was. I was sad to find out Ken had suffered a stroke while they were doing their winter holiday in Arizona, but it seems that it was caught in time to keep the damage from being too great. We spent the day Wednesday out driving and went to lunch with them. By the time we got home we had taken them through 3 counties in a huge circle. They really enjoyed the ride, and I admit when you hit the backroads here it is quite breathtaking. Silly me forgot to take a camera.. but I did manage to get a good pic of Brody loving on Paw at the restaurant..Of course after he had helped Paw eat his Pork tenderloin, fries and Texas Toast. Easter … [Continue]

Company coming and a photo shoot of cuteness


So my longtime friend the Fuchslochers are coming in for a few days. They do this either in the spring or fall depending on their travel schedule. I have known them since my childhood, grew up with their kids and Mr. Fuchslocher taught me how to swim. They were pretty much my second set of parents when I was growing up. As I have gotten older they fuss if I address them as Mr. and Mrs. but it is a hard habit to break. After losing mom they came in the following fall, which was a blessing because they were here when Brody made his arrival. While having my mom still here would have been the world to me, having them here made it so much easier to handle her pervading absence in a major milestone of my life. The step into being a grandparent. Normally I would be rushing trying to get things tidied up for their arrival, but they know I am not Martha Stewart and would probably be deeply disturbed if they found my home appearing like a museum. My house isn't nasty but it is lived in, as it … [Continue]

Sock basket conquered.. next the world.

Spring has sprung and with it has come my need to declutter, destress and just generally get rid of some things. But it also brings with it a need for me to organize areas in my house that tend to push me to the 'she's gone a little loopy' edge. Like the sock basket. It is one of my most loathed jobs. With 5 people in this house and often a little running around and all of them males, my basket overflows. Literally. I dig them from couches, under beds, under desks, by recliners. Why do men seem … [Continue]

Deep cries out to Deep… blog against Sexual Abuse

April, the month when flowers bloom, trees regain their leaves and storms roll through the land to awaken sleeping earth. For some of us it is a chance to open our hearts, our souls and bare our truths. I have made no secret that I am an overcomer of childhood sexual abuse and a rape in my teen years. If you wander through my pages you will find my various posts on the affect it had on my life and my adulthood as well as my self esteem. But along the way I have learned something...we know each … [Continue]

Time on his hands…

Eight months, that is how long it has been since the car wreck. A lot has happened in those eight months but nothing as profound as the realization for my husband that he will never work again. An especially hard blow for a man who has been doing physical labor since he was 18 and started working at a small factory in our hometown called Donotech. To go from active man who was the oldest one on the docks still loading trucks every day, in many cases, out loading the younger workers. He sat down … [Continue]

Where have I been for 2 weeks?

2014-03-15 13.52.26

Other than a couple of reviews or giveaways I have been silent pretty much for 2 weeks. I know totally unlike me. If you follow me on Facebook you will know I have been in and out. Between getting ready for Prom and Graduation for my middle son, keeping the grandbaby and enjoying that time, and scoring some awesome finds on our local trading posts on Facebook my days are filled. But I need this space, even in the commotion that Spring's arrival brings to life, this is my space to reach all of … [Continue]

Suspended instead of applauded for having compassion

While watching my morning news this morning I heard of a Colorado girl who was suspended from her charter school for shaving her head in support of her friend who had cancer. Apparently, her school has a dress code that states one cannot have a shaved head. Really? They base their concerns on gang initiations.. umm okay. You are aware some children get cancer right?? That they lose their hair, some shaving it before losing it, so those kids can't attend either? It just made me sick to my stomach … [Continue]

The Ergonomic Pens your fingers will thank you for! GIVEAWAY!!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. While I normally consider myself a blogger, most of the things that make it to this page start out in journals. Lots and lots of journals that I write down snippets of ideas, conversations, moments of time I want to remember. With that comes a lot of using a pen to write it all down. I am a pen snob. I admit it, no shame in my game. When one writes as much as I do it is as much about comfort as it is the flow of the ink on the page. I … [Continue]

Admit it you keep me around for the adorable grandbaby

2014-03-18 11.10.04

I know where my bread and butter are.. I mean seriously he is stinking adorable. After all he has me for his Memaw. First things first we have to give Paw MWAHS upon arrival Check out the new lights and sounds working propellers ride on Toy Paw got us. Slide on the seat, set the propeller to spinning, slide off other side to stand in front and go oooooooohhhhh at the lights Selfie time with Memaw....you know cause I gots peeps that need to see this face every chance they … [Continue]

Does this revoke my woman blogger card??

Being in the blogging world for the last 6 years or so I have begun to notice a recurring theme among my fellow bloggers. Things that I fear could revoke my woman blogger card. If you have a blog the general rule is you also have a Facebook page, as well as a Pinterest, and a G+, and a list of other social media sites. I follow a lot of bloggers everywhere, but Masshole Mommy is always sure to have some gems on her FB posts with cartoons and funny sayings. Today was no different. She started … [Continue]