Lake Therapy with friends


It has been forever since I have been to the local lake, with the winter and the injuries holding us back Sunday I had to go. I was in need of lake therapy for my soul. So we invited our friends and their kids to go and with cameras in hand we headed out, on what was a 50 degree day, but by the time we reached the lake the sun was playing peek a boo and the wind would cut through you like a knife. You know how as women we get all fussy when our hair gets windblown?? Yeah that apparently works in … [Read more...]

Memaw used to say….

The other day I was reading through some of my blog peeps latest posts and I came to the Empresses site. She is one of my favorite writers and while I don't get to read any of my favorites as often as I should going to her site is almost like how I expect someone to feel when they come to mine. So when she went through the pain of losing her mother last year, I knew how she felt. Even though it has been 2 years since my mom passed it can still feel just as fresh in my mind and heart. The … [Read more...]

When the past wanders in for a spell

This weekend was pretty much a sick weekend for me.. I am about over the winter blechs let me tell you. Apparently this is my year to catch everything coming, going, and the things that bred with the coming and going and made up something entirely new. Sighs. But it also found me wandering down memory lane through pictures and music.  Flashes of childhood came running back in and I could not help but smile. My Memaw was the center of the family, period, and if she wasn't happy, no one was … [Read more...]

Jumping through the hoops

If you had told me in July of last year that I would still be dealing with the results of a car accident we walked away from I would have thought you silly. But here I sit making a gazillion calls to get the people doing what they should have been doing to begin with.  Doctor's offices who seem to think they can get paid without having performed the services yet, yeah you don't even get more than a deductible when billing our private insurance. Do you really think the car insurance is going to … [Read more...]

The death of Shirley Temple

85 years is a long time to live, although in today's modern world not that uncommon. Shirley Temple was anything but common. Even my kids knew who she was, so many years after she sang 'n the Good Ship, Lollipop' with her curls bouncing and her dimples deep enough to drink from. She made a mark in the world far beyond the screen, taking on the role of Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia as well as holding an office as Secretary of Protocol in her lifetime. Despite all of that I think everyone … [Read more...]

When I go insane I am gonna rock it!!

2014-02-10 01.07.27

Day 20 of no school, NOT counting the weekends started today. Actually it started about 10 pm last night when Mother nature decided we were melting too fast and dropped another 3 inches of snow on us. But it couldn't be nice powdery snow that just blew off. Oh no this was slick icy snow. So when I go insane I am going to look good doing it. I don't want to look like the woman who just spent nearly a month housebound with her children. The same children who have probably already forgotten who … [Read more...]

Fuzzy, snowy, new, and cold

2014-02-04 12.00.18

What day is it again? I seem to have lost track of time and days in the blur of what has become a winter that seems to want to keep our children housebound. They have missed 18 days of school, not counting the weekends home. I don't even think, at this point, I can count that high. But some pretty cool things have happened in those innumerable days. While we have been surround by this: Our outside Husky Sasha presented us with these fuzzy little guys during the coldest part of the winter... … [Read more...]

Dear Dial.. Thank You!!

2014-01-31 23.08.19

*This post is in NO WAY sponsored by Dial or any affiliate companies. I am writing this particular post because I fell in love with these products and feel as though it deserves to be talked about. I do not receive any compensation by the clicking of any links in this post nor any incentive from Dial Soap to promote their product. * Dear Dial Soap, As a child I can remember watching my grandmother stand at the aluminum basin she kept in her bathroom every morning washing her face with … [Read more...]

So I was on the news

Last month a local news station was looking for people who had been involved in accidents with sleeping or drowsy drivers. Well guess who fit that criteria.. So I emailed her with our story and pictures. I was surprised when she contacted us back wanting an interview..This is what the came to:     Now what bothers me is the amount of accidents a year that are attributed to drivers being drowsy or falling asleep at the wheel a year in this state. 1600, that they can confirm … [Read more...]

Darkness falls on a cold winter morn..

The snow had melted, the roads were cleared, we were all set for them to go back to school on Thursday. The parents had some hair left, the kids were anxious to get back and see their friends, realizing that continuing to miss would result in their school attendance through the summer and the loss of Spring Break. As fun as it is to sleep in and have a snow day those options were making it lose its luster and quickly. It was all so beautiful. I sent them to showers to wash hair and clean up for … [Read more...]