Breakthrough’s a coming… I can feel it..

Ever have one of those seasons of life where it seems like nothing goes the way you thought it would? That your life was just one constant whirlwind, that barely stops to allow you to catch your breath. As of the first of September my ride will be going a year. It all began with a fall for my mother, that led to her having 3 surgeries within 6 months, she wound up having both hips replaced. There were some scary moments is those months. Times when my mother was in so much pain from the bad hips she would just lay and cry. My mom who was indestructible and was everyones backbone, was down for the first time in my life. During this time my son decided to be homeschooled, add another list to the long list of things I was responsible for. In January my cousin got out of jail and moved in with us as well. My full house was now busting at the seams. In June my mother was well enough tomove home or so we thought. Since then she has had heart issues and blood pressure issues, resulting in several hospitalizations. In the midst of all of this I have fought my oldest son’s biological dad’s right to visit, which was finally removed, and been fighting our step mother over our dad’s estate.
Kids are back in school now, mom had to have a heart surgery Wednesday, hopefully it will help with some of the issues she has been having. But hse has finally come to the realization she is in no shape to continue living that far from some form of help if she needs it.
We are having a yard sale this weekend with my sister Dianna in Mt. Sterling. Whew can someone stop the ride so I can get off please. Oh yeah let’s not forget my oldest one requiring major knee surgery as well. Which he is still recovering from. . Yeah welcome to my life lol…

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