Bring your Own Crazy… I even own the fashionable jacket with belt.

If you haven’t been by It’s Just Me, Drazil & Sheniqua’s blog you are missing something. I found her through Jana who does Boobies,Babies and a Blog, then Ducky from Batcrap Crazy found her. Her infamy is growing by the second. So she does this little meme called

Something simple with 5 questions you answer. Nothing major or fancy. Something simple on the brain after a long week.

1. Tell me about your first childhood home that you remember: Wow I have all kinds of pictures of that house. I remember it had a fenced in yard. I remember mom and dad lived there with my 3 MUCH older sisters before I came along. I remember our dog Sherm, mainly because he was super protective of me. A trained K9 my mother had gotten from our family friends. He was beautiful and gun shy. Which kind of screws up the whole police K9 gig huh. That is really all I remember about it. I remember more about the houses we lived in here in Kentucky. How my dad got my Big Wheel stuck in the fireplace in the living room trying to play Santa and had to disassemble it to get it out. I had chicken pox in that house and lounged on the couch for the next week watching my fill of  Sesame Street, Electric Company * when Morgan Freeman wasn’t a movie star of epic proportions* and Young and the Restless *when David Hasselhoff was the young sexy Snapper. Before Baywatch, Before America’s Got Talent and LOOONG Before KIT was even thought of. Yeah I am old..

2. What is hands down your favorite color on earth: HA Sunset.. The colors that appear at sunset, especially on my hill can take your breath away. There is no way to replicate them, you just can’t compare to the real thing. The golds and oranges, purples and flaming reds and pinks.. BREATHTAKING..Seee


3.What kind of hair do you prefer on your significant other? What kind of hair is a turn on to you?? See hubby keeps his short because he works in the heat loading trucks. Which means he has these killer pecs and biceps and chest.. But he has the most gorgeous long hair as well. Truth , it really depends on the man. Shemar Moore is FINE in cornrow braids or bald. Trace Adkins would not look right without his beautiful long hair, he just wouldn’t.

4.Now that it’s summer do you mow your lawn or does someone else? How long does it take. Well we have 3 and half acres give or take. It is a family affair. I refuse to ride mow over our steep hills so the boys and I split up the flat spots which cover a lot of the land. Hubby gets the hills and they divide what has to be push mowed or weed eaten. If we all hop to it and do it together all at once it takes about 2 hours. That is no stopping someone doing something at all times. One weeding, one push mowing, one riding, and the extra person moving stuff for everyone else.

5. Summarize your week.. Ummm drive, come home, drive, come home, drive, come home, ER, pick up kid take back to the college, drive there and back… yeah that is pretty much it.. Oh wait get in fight with riding mower and the dog lead that camoflauged itself in the grass. Which left a huge ass whelp on my leg in the shape of the damn hook on the end of the lead. ..

Now go find her, read her stuff, laugh your butt off then link up with her.



  1. Babe…I finally found you!!!! You are too sweet….you make me blush.

    And also – let me just say Trace Adkins is…..Jesus Mary and Joseph – that man and his hair and his height….I have to go now. Just wow. And wow. Mmmm….