Deep cries out to Deep… blog against Sexual Abuse

April, the month when flowers bloom, trees regain their leaves and storms roll through the land to awaken sleeping earth. For some of us it is a chance to open our hearts, our souls and bare our truths. I have made no secret that I am an overcomer of childhood sexual abuse and a rape in my teen years. If you wander through my pages you will find my various posts on the affect it had on my life and my adulthood as well as my self esteem. But along the way I have learned something...we know each … [Read more...]

Ariel Castro not quite the ‘man’ he seemed to be.. committed suicide..

10 years, some more than that. That is what Ariel Castro took from his victims. Held captive in his house, subjected to torture, abuse, rape and sexual assaults. Forced abortions and denied medical care until one girl got the bravery to find herself standing next to her freedom and she took the chance. With their re-emergence into the world their abduction blew open the fact that the world is not the place it used to be when I was a child. Living in such close quarters in my neighborhood I doubt … [Read more...]