Come one come all for What I meant to say Wednesday!!

So Chief, our resident Hide and Seek master, came up with an ideal. ( I know skeery right?)

So the plan was to come up with an all new theme for Wednesday. After a bunch of hubbub and hullabaloo for her in the last few weeks, where tongues were bitten and words were cut short she got the brilliant idea of ….

wait for it, this is really good….

absolutely brilliant if I must say so myself…

So good Supah is kicking herself for not thinking of it first…

are ya ready?? Are ya Sure?

Ok Ok

Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado:

What I meant to Say Wednesday

That’s right it is your chance to let it all fly. Let ‘em have it. Don’t hold back..

tell those that have stepped on your toes one time too many what you REALLY meant when you said that thing that left them going Huh??

You know you have done it and if not then how did you wind up on my friend’s list??( are you secretly one of those people who stalk Supah, Chief and others like us who say and do the things you only dream about??)

So jump on the bandwagon, clean out your arsenal of arguments you so could have won had you not been more tactful and kind then the person you were arguing with…

Simply click that little link right there and you will be connected to the best cleansing exercise known to the blogging world ever!!!   Trust me it will feel so much better to simply let it out…



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  5. Yeup! Supah's brainchild! she's mah lovah! (not fer reals…

    I even gave her the credit in the post on Sunday my friends.. put it right out there in the open!


  6. CrazyAssMomma says:

    "me: Honey, wake up and get a shower.
    Him: i'm not asleep

    What I meant to say:
    Look I know your sleeping the snores are pulling me away from the computer with the intake vortex you make. Get your butt up and get in the shower cause i am tired of feeling cardboard dust from shipping in my dang blankets.."

    this? this is so fricken funny. and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true :)

  7. Oh gosh, these are gonna be good… I can't wait!

  8. SupahMommy says:


    ask her.

  9. DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom says:

    That Chief is a genius. If only I could remember what I wanted to say. I don't keep much in RAM.

  10. Good Idea. I'll have to see if I can remember enough things. I know I have them some where.