Eye Spy with Dazee and Christy

Time for Eye Spy with Dazee and Christy… This weeks theme are clouds and of course your choice… Now ya’ll know me and my love of the sky shots around here.. Yeah I may or may not get a wee bit happy. I love looking at clouds, that is why I love the country. The skies around here leave NOOOO Doubt when a nasty one is rolling in…..

This one cracks me up. My hubby will be sound asleep like this and then when I wake him up he will SWEAR he wasn’t asleep at all.. ummm yeah right..




  1. Those cloud shots are awesome. and your hubby shot, cracks me up. One time christy called me and woke me up. she asked me if she did, but I said no. Then she’s like, liar. Why is it no one wants to admit they were sleeping?
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..I Spy – CloudsMy Profile

  2. Mad Mind says:

    Your cloud shots are just cool. I love how they show the dark areas. It’s like they have framed it.

  3. Wow, the clouds look so neat in that top shot! It reminds me of a cloud bridge.
    Kelly recently posted..I Spy – CloudsMy Profile