Frack em Friday with Dazee

Friday, FINALLY!! What a week it has been.. I would like to thank the academy for recognizing my potential.. wait wrong speech. Where was I ?? Oh yeah Frack em Friday.. see told ya it had been a rough week, now you might believe me.

It has been a spray the house down with Lysol kind of week. First we have Devin with pneumonia, which is virtually gone btw, ya know cause the PA that saw him gave him the right medications in the right dose to DO something.. ahem. But on Monday Gene came home around 4, and I knew that they hadn’t gotten finished early. He was sick, stomach rolling, fever, pounding headache and feeling like he weighed 400 pounds sick. He came in, sat on the couch and then laid over and fell asleep. Which I mean really isn’t any different from any other day, except he was ON the couch not in his recliner, and he TOOK off his shoes. Yeah that was a sure giveaway there. So after fluids and meds to bring down the fever, Doug comes out complaining that he feels like crap. Only he is vomiting. So I doctor both of them. That night Jesse wakes up with leg spasms. Painful muscle spasms. So I took him some gatorade and an ibuprofen. Gene goes to bed, Doug goes back to bed, Jesse’s leg is swollen and sore and he goes back to bed and now I am wide awake. Sighs. Gene was better next day, goes back to work, Doug better the next day. Jesse’s leg still swollen and stiff, doc can’t see him till the next day. Then I get it. Only I am too busy taking care of everyone else. So guess who doesn’t get to lay down to get better and has it for 3 days. This girl. Oh yeah and Jesse has to go to an ortho to see if he damaged something in his leg.

Frack em to bills, I am sick of them, seriously. Time to win the lottery and pay off this land and build a real house with a basement and get rid of this double wide. Just saying.

Frack em to stains in the carpet that you cannot get out, regardless of whether you catch it when it happens or not. Then you shampoo and scrub it till the carpet it ‘looking’ like you may have defeated that stain. Which leads you to be all like “YEAH That’s right I am the conqueror of stains that think they are immovable, who’s your owner now” , until the carpet dries and suddenly the spot you broke your back scrubbing reappears and apparently has moved in some family members that weren’t there before.. Yeah frack them too.

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  1. The stomach flu is the worst. And I totally get you on the stain – my son’s room has an area rug that has a glaring stain from a stomach flu episode a couple of years ago – I really need to replace it!
    Lisa @ Two Bears Farm recently posted..The Apple Tree – Rural ThursdayMy Profile

  2. Oy… us Moms never catch a break when sickness hits! The ManFlu knocks ‘em down every time…

    And I hate carpet stains. Got berber just so I could hide ‘em better ;)
    Rachel recently posted..the disability truthMy Profile

  3. Ugh those deep stains! I have one from my niece spilling bug juice and not telling me first!
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Exercise at Home with No EquipmentMy Profile

  4. omg, you freaking crack me up. I love your carpet stain montage. I needed that today.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..I’m Gonna Have To Fracken Hurt SomeoneMy Profile

  5. lmao i hear you on those stains!!!

    hope you and the fam get to feeling better

    and man i wish bills would pay themselves!!!!
    brittney recently posted..The end of the roadMy Profile