Frack You Friday with Dazee

Time for another installment of our favorite vent session with the hostess we all love Dazee From Crazy Daze and Nite Dreams. Short list this week..well kinda short..

Frack you to Fibromyalgia. I have had to do tons of driving this week and my body has let me know it is not happy with me. By last night the slightest touch on my back was enough to reduce me to tears and my muscle relaxers were not really doing a lot to help. I only take them when I ABSOLUTELY have to, apparently I waited too long this time. Of course I took Doug to college which is 50 miles one way, realized we had forgotten sheets and pillows had to come back home and drive all the way back to take him that. Next day went again because he had messed up his already bad knee doing leg presses. Trip to the ER and I had to go get him from their hospital and take him back to campus, then back home. Next day his ortho sent him home for the rest of the week so another trip up to get him and back. Then yesterday to court with his girlfriend over her ex assaulting her and then to her old house to ensure they didn’t take stuff that wasn’t his when his family had to retrieve his belongings. They did issue a 3 year DVO against him, which is why he was not allowed at the house at all. But all that sitting and driving plays heck on my back and shoulders, which in turn makes me really miserable.

Frack you to my cousin who failed to inform my sister and I that his mom was in the hospital. I mean geesh we just visit her, and feed her and call her every day. Why would we worry when NO ONE is answering their phones?? It would be different if , you know, you did any of the above mentioned things on the regular, but when she can go WEEKS before hearing from you. Not to mention you work less then a mile from where she lives. But that’s okay, karma sucks. It just infuriates me how they treat her, especially since Mom is gone. He still has her in his life and he needs to learn to be more appreciative of that.

That’s it for me this week but I think those 2 are plenty. Cause I really don’t think I can handle anymore..  Go link up with my girl and relieve some stress and pressure.



  1. I hate that you are in so much pain, hope you heal quickly! I messed up my shoulder and while of course it isn’t the same as fibro., it can be frustrating waiting for things to get better!
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  2. Eek… I am so sorry you are in pain! Praying for physical healing and for your schedule to calm down!

  3. All that driving can be a killer! Hope you get some relief.
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  4. I’m so sorry about your pain. I feel for you. I have pain too. You are awesome tho, to keep plugging along even tho you hurt. what a great mom you are.

    Give that stupid cousin of yours a slap from me. that pisses me all sorts of off.
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  5. I’m loving that your header pictures change. You are so very fancy.

    Fibromyalgia sucks. I’m so sorry you are having so much pain.

    Here’s to a nice, stress-free weekend! Love you, woman!
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