Frack you Friday with Dazee…

It’s Friday!!! The day to let it all hang out with Dazee and say Frack them all. I have a few:

Frack the new rules when taking vacation or having a holiday at Hubby’ work. It used to be it would apply towards straight time, meaning once you hit 40, however you did it, everything after that was considered overtime. Not anymore. Now he would have to actually be IN the building working for more then 40 hours and all time off is counted as straight time. Which seriously makes the paycheck suck when he does take the time off.  Personally, I think that keeping the time off with pay as straight is okay but it should still count towards total work time and anything over 40 overtime, like normal. I mean that is the whole point of paid time off. Allowing you to get some time away and a break, without breaking your back financially. Yeah this week’s check SUCKS.

Ok Mother Nature, I am loving the beautiful sun shine and time spent on the porch. Could you please get the winds to match the temps. Having temps of the 70′s but a wind that feels like 40 is not a good thing.. mmkay thx.

Frack em to the girl who led me on for 2 weeks over the car we are selling. When she was supposed to be here she was in the ER with her baby. Being a momma I got that and held it for her. When he got admitted I told her no worries. He got out for 2 days and she had no way to get here, because hello that is why she was going to buy the car, to have transportation for her and her son when everyone else was at work. Then he was back in the hospital again, and yesterday when I was in the area of the hospital he was supposedly in she removes her FB account and doesn’t respond to my texts. I had 4 people interested and I put them off for you. That is just rude as heck. Of course the next person to show interest had her own sob story wanting me to lower the price. Sorry you are getting it at a steal the way it is. I hate coming off like a witch but dang people it’s not like I am asking for the next 3 months wages….

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  1. Ugh.

    That about sums all that up. Especially the work paycheck thingy. I know how that feels when they change things up. Yuck.

    Poop on the girl.

    Lov ya!
    Momma Fargo recently posted..It’s Dark Out HereMy Profile

  2. I hate selling things!

    The weather has been seriously amazing this week!! Our park trips and walks have been great.
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Walking. Seriously, just walking.My Profile

  3. ok, I’m gonna slap that car lady for you. Beotch.

    I’m not very happy with a lot of employers right now. I mean, I know it’s their business, but shit, do you want happy employees or not.

    I feel ya on the wind thing. The temps here have been nice, but the wind bites right through you. errrrrrr
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..You Don’t Stock It? What The Frack!!!My Profile