Happiness Project with Leigh A kid’s party with an awesome cake..

I know I skipped posting here yesterday. In my defense I was recouping from a week of not having been out of my car or a vehicle of some sort for the entire week. Other than to sleep, or cook that is. So Sunday we were invited to a friend’s son’s birthday party. Bless his heart it was hot and sticky and he was overloaded with all the people. Gene had a migraine, Doug had a bad knee, and Tasha had a UTI with an attitude, add to my exhaustion we were not exactly great party people. We cut out before presents were opened. Before cake was cut. Before ice cream was served. Yeah we were that wore out. But I did get some awesome pics of the kids outside playing. And the totally awesome birthday cake that my kids would have killed for at their parties of childhood. Thankfully we are having them do Jesse’s 16th birthday cake next month. A laptop and MP3 player. His picture will be on the laptop screen. Now to the party pictures…

What little boy wouldn't love this cake?

Tweeters surrendering to the kids

Curious George AND Earth Movers?? Yes!!What little boy wouldn't love this cake?




  1. LOVE that cake! And, so would Nate!

  2. That cake is a keeper!