Here I go again rebel that I am double dipping in some Memes

One of the best things about this blogging world is there is a never ending list of awesome people with even better ideas to bring us all together for a theme or meme. Mama Kat has been doing it for a while with her Writer’s Workshop. She offers 5 prompts every week, you pick one, write your interpretation of it and link up with her every Thursday. I try to bounce between her and Dazee Dreamer and Mad Mind’s I SPY. A photo meme that gives you one prompt to follow and one your choice. Well this week they both had things that caught my eye so me being the blogging rebel that I am have to double dip. Making a sort of Spying with Writer’s Workshop kind of thing. This week Mama asked us if Spring had sprung where we were. Despite Mother Nature and her ever changing moods that prove to me more and more she is bipolar everything here is becoming more green. Surprisingly despite temperatures in the low 30′s last week leading to freeze warnings with some extra care and covering my Monkey Faced Pansies survived. Against all odds.

Monkey faced pansy

My glads are beginning to show their colors and my clematis is beginning its journey up the porch and over the railings. Soon I will have a trellis up both sides to enable it to climb higher and not cover my porch. When it comes in full there are the prettiest star shaped flowers on it.

This is my favorite time of the year. It is not too hot, not too cold. I can sit on my porch and watch the cattle in the field across the street. Last night I sat on the porch with the laptop and listened to the rain falling on the tin roof of the porch. The heavy rain had brought the creek across the road back to life, having gotten dry from lack of rain. There is still a lot of work that I would like to do this spring and summer in the yard, but it’s a start.

For my anything goes choice on the I Spy I chose the tree that sits across the road. It’s leaves almost an emerald green and I love to see it this time of year. I love the beauty of its color and how it has stood despite weather that has threatened to take it out. Ice storms, floods all have slammed its mighty roots and it still stands. Determined and proud. Each storm it withstands is another time its branches lift higher as if to say look at me I am still here. Despite all of your efforts I can still stand and do so with pride and dignity.



  1. I love the brilliant green of the tree in that field. And I adore clematis. My glads are AGES from showing themselves though! They wait a bit longer here in the Northwest.
    Ally recently posted..Powers of Observation & Friday FunnyMy Profile

  2. Nature provides the most beautiful patterns. I love pansies and yours are gorgeous!
    Kelly recently posted..I Spy – Repeating PatternMy Profile

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Spring here is pretty much just wet – it seems to have rained for about a month…
    I love your tree. Long may it stand!

  4. double dipping is yummy. oh wait, you are talking about meme’s. It still fits. Love those flowers. I’m so glad to see leaves on trees.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..I Spy – Repeating PatternsMy Profile

  5. Those flowers are beautiful! Stunning color!

  6. Mad Mind says:

    There are patterns in nature. They are beautiful! And I love the tree.

    You can double dip all you want. We just want to see your photos.

  7. Those pansies are GORGEOUS!!!
    Love it.
    And it is so green where you are.
    Lovely! thanks for sharing!
    Cluttered Brain recently posted..A little insight into my Cluttered Brain :) My Profile