I am lazy today and this is why….

I am skipping all the meme’s today. I know slacker that I am.. I will catch them next week. Right now I am even too sore to type a comment so this is currently a pain in my derriere to say the least. My sister and her hubby got some stuff to fix up mom’s yard for Mother’s day. So we agreed to help set it up with them as part of the present. 
But before they got here I spent the day in the house cleaning out my oldest son’s room. I swear he grows stuff in there, like science experiments or something. So hubby of course helped. 5 loads of laundry in that room alone people counting his bedsheets and stuff. Along with that I cleaned out some kitchen cabinets, reorganized the ones over the stove so I could find stuff. Took stock of the stuff I have stockpiled , like sauces and ketchup and such ( cause those could be gold in this house). 
Hubby took me out on Saturday to get my hair cut and nails done, and I am running to town with mom today for her doctor’s appointment following her endoscopy and colonoscopy from two weeks ago. 
Currently I am in agony from working those gardens up, with the help of my youngest and my great nieces Natalia and Shaylynn, plus me , hubby, 2 sisters and one other BIL. All in all it turned out really pretty. 
My knees are scraped to heck from the rocks we pulled out of the yard *hubby said he grew them from pebbles in the garden last year since that is where they came from originally *. He could have grown them with fewer sharp edges. Then as if that wasn’t bad enough I drove the already wounded knee into the branches we had trimmed from the rose bush, gee those thorns felt lovely. NOT.. 
But this is how it turned out..

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