I miss my babies being babies….

Remember the fun and excitement of expecting a new baby? How you had such fun decorating their nursery, getting it all ready for your new bundle of joy. I can remember with our last pregnancy I was finally in a place where I could decorate the room how I wanted. I painted the walls this beautiful mint green and found a stamp to use and place teddy bears all over the walls. Then I freehanded balloons and stars and other things around the teddy bears. Everything in the room had a teddy bear theme, because even though we we told it was going to be a boy, we wanted it to be usable for either sex. The bedding was bought with the teddy bear theme and even had the same colors as the wall. Folded in the corner was a baby blanket that I fell in love with, it was fleece and so soft and warm.

In my small neighborhood we all watched out for each other’s children. Child raising in the South means family and friends support you in it all. One never runs out of a supply of ready and willing babysitters, or someone to come have coffee with you. Baby showers are a chance for those who love you to come and celebrate the arrival of the newest addition. Party games and lots of gifts are handed out . My favorite part though is seeing how everyone does on the games. Like getting the men to swaddle the babies, or change their diapers. That can be a comedy routine on its own. Watching as they try to change the ‘dirty’ diaper we have smeared chocolate candy in, the faces can be priceless.

The birth of a baby brings a newness to a family, I sense of hope and a future. One filled with love and fun, and lots of snuggling time with a baby in a rocker and a bottle. When all the world is right.