Is it just me or does anyone have this issue with their spices??

Springtime is on it’s way, and with it is coming my urge to clean out and purge along with rearranging of the house. One of the first rooms I always go to is the kitchen. As a person who has spent most of my work time outside the home being a cook in diners and restaurants, my kitchen is my major hangup. I want easy access to what I need to cook, serve, clean without having to go from one side of the room to another. Along with that comes the storage of things I would use daily in food preparation. Spices are the backbone of my home. With a family history of heart disease , diabetes and blood pressure issues I learned early that salt may be a staple but there had to be other ways to season meals. Coming from the south that is darn near blasphemy. 
Keeping all my spices organized has proven to be an interesting feat. I go above and beyond the typical spices one might find in an average home. I am always out to try new flavors and tastes, but having room for all of those jars in my limited counter space can sometimes drive me insane. At first I used those in the cabinet spice racks that were of assorted levels.They worked fine for the smaller jars of spices or the small boxes but my tall jars never fit. So I still could not keep all my spices together and organized. I found a small bi level kitchen spice rack, it was made to sit in a corner, so it was out of the way, but keeping them organized was still proving to be difficult. Did I mention I may also have a touch of OCD when it comes to my spices. I cannot stand for them to be scattered all over the place. I have a section for chili and hot spices, chicken, pork, beef, fish, salad, you name it I want it organized and easy to put my hands on. This wall spice rack kind of kept me from having that kind of organization. Not to mention once again I had an issue with the tall jars, having to keep them on the top shelf because the lower shelf was too short to handle them. 
My husband finally bought a simple board and mounted it to the wall, all 4 foot of it. I still don’t have enough room, I can however organize them a little better then before. I have come to the conclusion that I simply need an entire wall spice rack to allow me to mix and match my spices as I want. One with no labels on it that I can fill with my purchased spices and mark the jars accordingly. If I ever got my kitchen remodeled my spice rack would be the first thing I would make sure was to my ideals. Otherwise I am going to continue on my search for the perfect kitchens spice racks for my needs.