Just another Manic Monday woooaoooh sing along with me

Hey there and how are all of ya’ll? Anyone do too much this weekend and are now recouping from it? Kinda me. We went to the auction again, bought a few things. Got an awesome glass and metal patio table for out by the fire pit. It came with 2 plastic, didn’t originally come with it but what do I care chairs all for the low price of $7.00!! I know right!! Best thing is it has a spot for an UMBRELLA, which of course will be perfect. We are going to set the pool up there this year, when it warms up and we get the sand to set it on. That table will be perfect for the kids to sit around and still not get sunburned. My ideal is to get a canopy to put over the pool. Between sunscreen and shade my kids are going to be protected from the dangers of too much sun, and still get to be kids on summer break. With the history of skin cancer on both sides and other cancers from both sides why take the risk?

I have the awesome Jacqui from Jacqui’s Wacky Designs working on a new blog design for me. It will incorporate a lot of these same colors which I am thrilled about but give me more freedom when it comes to my fonts and the like. Plus she is making me an awesome button and all the bells and whistles. She has an Etsy store and she is a leader in the WP support group on Facebook. Trust me when I say she and the others have kept me sane when it comes to getting used to WP. If you ever want to move over, which from all the complaints I am hearing about blogger may become a fast reality for a lot of my friends, she is your girl to call. She can do it all for you including transferring all your information from your old site to here.

Right now I am going to complain because with each paragraph I have to reset the italics and font color. GRRR. Hopefully her designs will stop that from happening.

So other than the auction it has been a pretty lazy weekend. Although I did get a great deal at the auction. We bid on a box that contained a bag FULL of the reusable shopping bags from all different places. All for a buck! So those are in the washer currently. Did you know if you use reusable bags at Kroger you will get $.04 off of your order for every bag you supply. So I get to reduce my family’s trash footprint and save money as well WOOT WOOT!Here recently I am all about saving money and cutting down on our waste. With a family of 5 that can be difficult to do. I have tried the coupons but I don’t get a whole lot out of them. Seems like all the ones I find are for stuff I don’t use to begin with so what am I going to save by buying it? But I have turned that desire into a few things I can do at home to cut down on my costs. Homemade options. Like Laundry detergent. I was spending roughly $20.00 to purchase a bottle of detergent to wash clothes. It didn’t take long to run out. I am proud to say that Gene and I made our first batch of homemade laundry detergent yesterday. For roughly 8 bucks I got enough supplies to do 3 to 4 5 gallon buckets. I have also made fabric softener sheets that are reusable, and homemade dishwasher detergent. For those who are interested in learning how to do either I will have a page filled with recipes. I’m Southern what can I say I love to cook!! Well not soap as a rule but every little bit counts, doesn’t it. Another reason I jumped on this bandwagon is because I have seen how easy it is to cut expenses with a little ingenuity and a firm mind that you are going to make the changes.

I also did a little soul-searching and effective immediately I will no longer be having reviews or giveaways on my blog. While I am eternally grateful for the opportunities the companies have provided me I am just in a place where I have decided I want to reach farther than that. I still love sex, have no fear. I still believe that toys and accoutrements can be used successfully to enhance that intimacy between people. I just don’t want to be known as the blogger who only gives away toys. Plus my support of them can limit my ability to get other jobs and as a stay at home mom this is a way for me to assist in funding household bills, ya know like internet, and blogging!! Don’t expect me to not talk about sex at all, or not enter and promote giveaways from my awesome friends, including those of an adult nature. Sex is an important part of a healthy life. Period. Hiding it like it doesn’t exist is not my style. Besides giving power to the silence and allowing the stigma of it being ‘dirty’ is what contributes to the societal acceptance of certain things I am not approving of. Like childhood sexual abuse, spousal abuse, rape and the like. Those will be topics on my blog trust me. But like my life I am growing and expanding. I am finding new-found security in myself and my ability to write and take pictures. 

To my friends who have followed me on this journey thus far, I can never thank you enough for being my rock when I was sure life was never going to be the same. I hope you will stick with me for the rest of it.



  1. I was able to switch over from Blogger along time ago. It took some work but I love it on WordPress. I love knowing that I own my blog as well. We don’t have to worry about someone just taking us down for no reason which is why I originally moved.

    My sister often talks about going to auctions in Florida. I have been thinking about it for a while but I’m a big wuzzy and never sure that I can do it. I’m afraid I’ll sit in the parking lot and just look at the door. Just have to do it some day.
    Tami recently posted..Why Is It? Crazy Blonde is HereMy Profile

  2. I love this font. I wish I knew what it was called.

    I love when you find a bargain. I’m actually on the hunt of finding a picnic table that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..It’s All The Fracking RageMy Profile

  3. We have a couple stores that do a bag credit, I love it!

    I do my every few weeks post for Eden but that’s it, I still think it’s awesome and wish that we could combat those stereotypes about sex toys but, no one seems ready yet and it can hold a blog back if you are doing more then just adult things.
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  4. Change is on the wind these days. Much success to you for grabbing it by the tail and holding steadfast to the positives things it brings your way!!

    Insomnia and extreme anxiety do weird things to me. Sorry if that comment only made sense in my head :)