Life Class lessons Purpose and Passion

I have made it no secret that I am a Christian. My methods may not be what some would consider Christian but as I have stated before that is between me and God. I have also loved Bishop TD Jakes from the moment I got my hands on the book Woman Thou Art Loosed. So when I saw that he and his wife First Lady Serita Jakes were going to be featured on Oprahs Next Chapter I was glued to my TV. I have had a few issues with some of the things Oprah has taught and when she made the comment that she did not believe that Jesus was the only way to heaven I really took issue. The interview was interesting and inspiring because I was open to hear what Oprah has to say. It is there that I realized that her belief was that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way but all people may not find him through the doors of a traditional church or teaching. Because as individuals we all are on different levels. We learn differently, we grow differently. So when she approached the question of Bishop Jakes about whether he would allow homosexuals into his church I was proud when he said absolutely. She then asked him did he view homosexuality as a sin. His response was perfect. As a man of faith, who is in a position of speaking God’s word he believes that it is considered a sin in the bible. However, he feels that his goal is to open the door to all people to find their best life, regardless of where they are, his purpose is to love EVERYONE where they are. Judgment is not his and the doors of the house are God’s and only God has the ability to close someone out which He is not going to do. I was so proud of him for standing on the word of God but denouncing the ‘religious zealots’ who would use that to hold someone back from the cross of Calvary. We all have sinned and in God’s eyes one is as bad as the other.

But when I got the chance to watch Life class with TD and Oprah I had to see it. TD brings life and power and shows me the things I often miss in the biblical stories. Oprah attended service at his church and openly admits she had never heard teaching as he did. That he was absolutely a man of God and God used him. She discussed his book Living with Purpose and I was glued to the screen. Hanging on every word like a puppy that had lost its way to the momma and finally found her to feed from. Since mom has passed I am stuck. I am locked in a place and a point that I cannot see where to go next. In the class he spoke of often we do things with passion we think is where we are supposed to be, but in reality we are doing them for another, because that is where they wanted us to be. Then when it ends we are lost because we have been led by another for so long we do not remember what WE used to want for ourselves. I remember loving music from the time I was small. I could memorize a song in a matter of hours and could sing it to you as soon as you asked for it. I know that my mom and family was certain I was going to sing for a living. I spent most of my life singing in church when I went. But as soon as my mom would attend I would leave. Because I felt like I was her show pony. She would push me to sing, or recite some poem I had written. She couldn’t just let me be a face in the crowd. As much as I loved her I loathed that part of her. Even at this age she still would push the minute I walked into a church. If she didn’t some of them there would, following her lead. She did the same to my oldest who can sing and play. I try NOT to do him the same way. I still love to sing, but writing and photography are what I really love. Especially if I can combine the two in some form. I could spend hours working with photos and words, bringing them together and weaving a story around them. My mind wanders and goes places far away, or bible stories go new places when I can see them from a photo.

Bishop Jakes used the story of the fish and loaves and how the miracle didn’t happen when Jesus blessed the bread but in the breaking of it. How the little boy found the scraps of 12 baskets as his blessing. The miracle was in the scraps. That is where I am. Scrambling to put together what is left of my life after the loss of mind. I am scrambling to piece together scraps and find me again. The miracle I need is in those scraps. I am going to find them. I am going to do what drives me and photography and writing are those things. We may not always fit our dream but we can and do grow to do it. There may not seem to be a place for our dream but life will make room for it if it is what we are supposed to be doing. Parson me while I look through my scraps because in them I have my purpose. Hopefully you will join me in the journey. There will be a lot of faith leaps and water walking but I am going to do it. It is in me to do it, and I refuse to be denied.



  1. hi,
    i love your blog, i watched td jakes and oprah but i remember when oprah asked jakes if he perceive gay people as a sin, he said: iam not here to say what i think, he said : sex between people of the same sex is comdemned in the scriptures and as long as its comdemned in the scriptures i dont get to say whats i think, i get to say what the bible says,
    so he was super clear that gay people is a sin, he said that he is not anti gay and he loves anybody, but i think your wrote something different , you wrote that jakes dont think that gay people is a sin, he is not for gay people and he dont want to be known for whats he is against but for whats he is for,

  2. Best of luck with picking up the scraps…look forward to following your journey!!
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  3. You know what they say…those that sing to God pray twice! I bet you have a beautiful voice! I am a Christian, too, and I am far from perfect, but I do have a lot of faith!

  4. i love the story of the loaves and the fishes! And I LOVE your blog! It looks AWESOME.
    I’m sorry you are having to put together bits and pieces I kinda feel the same way. And I really wish I already had my degree….UGH.
    Anywaaaaay, I do think of you and I love ya babe! I’m so glad I know you!
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