My name isn’t Helen Keller and I am not the miracle worker

So I go in to work tonight to find out I have been ‘let go’. I was livid. Their reasoning was I did not get 3rd shift done the way they thought I would. In . 4. days. Yeah 4 you read that right. Oh wait AND that the grills weren’t cleaned *they were* and the cooler not stocked *it was*. Oh yeah and the cigarette breaks. Umm really. If you have all those cameras pull them and show me. Because let me tell you how many I got 2 total. I smoked one while emptying the satellite cooler out front, while the other girl took 43 because she drags doing the deli out so her and the girl at Subway can goof off and go out together out back and smoke. The other one I took while folding towels and cleaning showers.

I have been there a month and already dreaded going in to work. The drama was unreal, the favoritism was beyond belief. So let’s fire the new girl and keep the one who is actually responsible for it all. So tomorrow I am calling corporate and the District Manager and confronting the GM over the whole situation. The first night I worked with the one girl I was trapped behind the counter for 5 hours while she worked in the deli. I had to get mad to make her come up and run register so I could pee. Mind you I had called her 3 times on the radio for her to come up only to have her ignore me. Not to mention I was not as thrilled with 3rd as I used to be. I am older, my kids are older and not having time at home with them during the day sucked. Between work and sleeping and then the days off catching up on housework that I didn’t get to during the week. But if you are going to let me go it will be for a logical reason. Period. Not on some lies you made up because you don’t have the guts to really get rid of the ones who are the issue. You know the ones who DO smoke 32 cigarettes a day. The ones who drag out jobs doing piddly shit making themselves LOOK busy rather than actually working. The ones who know every fart that is let because they are the GM favorites and rather than admit he says stuff to the wrong people. You know what really sucked I knew when I walked in. No one was talking to me. NO ONE. Which means it has been the talk of the store today, all day on every shift. Funny I thought that kind of information should be handled between the respective parties and no one else. But I should have known better. The day he hired me and told me why he hired me I hadn’t even made it out of the office before being told by 5 other workers they knew he was firing someone on 3rd and I was hired to take their place. Then acted all shocked when the person on 3rd learned of it and asked me if I had said anything. Umm no your little Myna birds did. I didn’t need the drama. Sure we need the extra money but not so bad that I am strung out from the stress of the bullshit that falls there. Of taking the weight of everyone else’s shortcomings on MY shoulders.

So I am looking again. No 3rd for me. I have kids and a life. Period. But I am not done. Calls will be made to corporate, some people will be put in their places respectfully and with my head held high that I did my best. Period. So when it still keeps happening and you are left with only your favorites who are you going to blame then??? It won’t be me because I won’t be there. Your screw up not mine.



  1. GAH! I am so sorry. But I am NOT sorry that you are getting away from that stress and drama. Did anything end up getting resolved or explained or ???
    Rachel recently posted..justificationMy Profile

  2. Sounds like you have a handle on getting to the bottom of it!
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Things I Do DifferentlyMy Profile

  3. You are awesome, sistah. I love the way you take charge!

  4. You are my hero. Why, because you took the bull by the horns. I can’t wait to hear more about his story. Some bosses really should be run over by a truck.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..I Spy – Favorite FoodMy Profile

  5. Some jobs suck…the people, the work, the management! Ugh! The better you do your job the more shit you take. They did you a favor it sounds like!