My son needs your help to help his school and get a ride in a limo

I am not one to beg but when it comes to helping my son reach a goal, this is me.. on my knees.

His school is doing a fundraiser, the money raised will go to fixing up their playground and activities for them to do after school. Half of the proceeds of all sales go back to the school. Pretty good right.

So of course as is the case with most fundraisers they have incentives to get the kids to sell more stuff. For 20 items sold they get to have lunch in stretch limo. Bad thing is this is hicksville and any one we would sell to either has a family member with a child selling or their child is selling. Major hitch in getting sales right. So this year they opened it up to online sales. So if ya’ll would help my son reach his goal I will love you forever and pimp your blogs all over the internet. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google.. you name it I will tell the world all about you. Right now he is only 6 items short of reaching that goal. But if he sells more he gets the limo ride still along with other stuff. The site is secure and you can ensure your order goes directly to his account. Go to  from there enter the ID 22C8MEZ that will link directly into Devin’s sales. The order ships directly to your doorstep. They options through this company are so great. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up they have great options for both. Jewelry and kitchen accessories, candy and stationery. You name it they have it. Please Please go help him reach his goal. He would be thrilled. Every day he asks mom did any of your online friends order.. I tell him what a great community this is and now is the time for me to prove it. Help him and his school out please.



  1. Ordered. You owe me a song. LOL

  2. Just ordered 2 items and made a blog post to spread the word. Good luck Devin! XO

  3. oh Angel, IF only i didnt have to pay money to the state for taxes…I’m so broke now. I hope Devin gets his limo trip. I might be getting a job real soon so THEN I will finally have money again. Love you babe!
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