NIghtly news post it’s aka why my state’s court decisions concern me some days

Woohooo so it’s Post it note day… I  LURVE this day as Madea would say…it’s just lurverly..
I was just left speechless, but not post it noteless after the 11 pm news tonight..





  1. Corrie Howe says:

    How close does she live to you?

  2. I live in KY. Thanks for the tip!

  3. TheEclecticElement says:

    All I can really say is WOW. That sounds like a winner for ya, 'Yeah, I don't remember how I almost killed two men on two separate occasions, but it's okay because I'm a helpless woman.' OBVIOUSLY NOT IF YOU ALMOST KILLED TWO PEOPLE DIPWAD!

  4. Always a Southern Girl says:

    I gotta try this meme next time. Great list.

  5. Lol. why the cut her loose,maybe looking for third victim.

    View Mine here

  6. OK, that is a hilarious story.

  7. OMG! That is INSANE.

  8. SupahMommy says:

    NO SHE



  9. The Princess of Sarcasm says:

    In my state, the chronically mentally ill are no longer locked up in long term care. They are often multiple offenders who get off due to their mental illness. There's a subsidized home for them in an old high rise hotel in the really nice downtown area of the town near me. You know the kind where people walk to eat at restaurants, take carriage rides, participate in downtown outdoor music/food/children's festivals year round. Yep, all with the severely chronically mentally ill citizens milling around. I worked as a therapist for the child and adolescent mental health dept which was housed with the chronic adults for a time. I recognized a LOT of the clients when I was downtown with my family. SCURRY!!!!!

  10. Classic. So glad she used her right to remain silent.

  11. ClevelandPoet says:

    oh that is just awesome!

  12. Whoa whoa whoa… can she get away with that? Can I get away with stuff, too? "I'm sorry, officer, I haven't a CLUE how this pearl necklace got into my bag from that jewelry store!! I swear, this is just like the time I found those diamond earrings in my clutch after I left the mall back in '07… Crazy, huh?"


  13. Dorothy Manning says:

    ""Jenn said…

    Yeah, something tells me that "I can't remember" shouldn't work as a murder excuse""
    LMBO that just too funny! Ya see I got these papers that swear "it" is a favorable decision,but this lady is abusing the privilege of being crazy !

  14. Honey Mommy says:

    Oh my. I agree with Amber… she sounds like a total nutcase! (and not one that I would like to live next to!)

  15. Twincerely,Olga says:

    hands down best post -it I read today!!!You are so funny,I gotta follow you!!!!

  16. HA! Sounds like one of the girls from the show "chicago" I didn't do it, but if I did…

  17. blueviolet says:

    Gee, I don't hear any warning bells at all!

  18. JaelCustomDesigns says:

    Wow! That's hysterical!

    She belongs on the show SNAPPED on Oxygen! I get a kick out of watching that show. It's amazing how many women plea insanity or they act clueless so they can get a psych evaluation to be deemed incompatent. This is my 1st link up and I'm having a ball!


    that's a lot of post its but it made reading it just that much more fun :)

    i forget every time i have hit my husband over the head with a hammer too, so i tot get it

  20. Heather @ Two Little Monkeys says:

    Yeah, not buying it.

  21. LMAO!!!!!!!

  22. that woman is hilarious…kind of like a tiger attacking my face is hilarious. freaking nutjob!

  23. Megryansmom says:

    Hahha wonder what her third excuse will be?

  24. *shakes head*
    watch her get off

  25. Slurkin' Stasha says:

    *shakes head*

    I wonder if she will remember sayin' all that stuff on the news when she is prosecuted by the man she stabbed?

    Bet she pleads temporary insanity!

  26. *Note to self.. "Self Defence" will only work as a reason for murder once. Any more than that and I'm pushing my luck*

  27. jo.attalife says:

    I think I should maybe go live in Kentucky? See here why.

  28. Oh my! And people like that live among us. Scary!!!

  29. Miss. Candy says:

    She sure made that easy for the Prosectuor!!!

  30. Oh wow, she sure stuck her foot in her mouth, didn't she???

  31. Yeah, something tells me that "I can't remember" shouldn't work as a murder excuse. Crazy!

  32. Arizona Mamma says:

    They're out there…dorks and pre-verts!

  33. LOL
    was she from KENTUCKY??

    *I can say that – I live here!*

  34. That lady sounds like a nutcase