The trouble with Tuesdays…and spring planning..

The trouble with Tuesdays is they follow a Monday. In my case a Monday that was landed in after a full busy weekend, only to have a full busy Monday. Which capped off with a kid getting off the bus, covered in his own vomit. Bless his heart. He apparently covered himself, the floor and his friend in the spewage. The friend did not know till he arrived home that he had gotten hit. When his mom asked him what was on his pants he freaked lol. Yeah pretty much what I would do as well. My night ended … [Read more...]

Here I go again rebel that I am double dipping in some Memes

Monkey faced pansy

One of the best things about this blogging world is there is a never ending list of awesome people with even better ideas to bring us all together for a theme or meme. Mama Kat has been doing it for a while with her Writer's Workshop. She offers 5 prompts every week, you pick one, write your interpretation of it and link up with her every Thursday. I try to bounce between her and Dazee Dreamer and Mad Mind's I SPY. A photo meme that gives you one prompt to follow and one your choice. Well this … [Read more...]