Happies and Crappies… Baby weekend

If you have come here enough you know the routine... Happies:It is Brody weekend!!! That always makes it a Happy. He is so snuggly and sweet. I cannot believe he is almost a year old. Where has the year gone??Hopefully I get released today.. hopefully..Crappies:Hubby isn't anywhere near release, in fact he is probably headed for more imaging of his back. Sighs..The water pump went out on my car.. rolls eyes.. worst car purchase ever but we had to do what we had to do. Supposed to storm this … [Read more...]

Never, ever, ever will I…..

Never, ever, ever will I.. Not want to snuggle with my grandson. Although right now I was not allowed to hold him due to restrictions from the doc . But I think he is gonna release me today. Thank God Would I tell someone who is in a lawsuit over an accident they were in tell them it must be nice to be getting a lot of money.. No it isn't nice. I would much rather have never been in the wreck to begin with. Never, ever would I tell a mother how to raise her child. If she asked for … [Read more...]

Happies and Crappies with the Vintage Modern Wife…

The Vintage Modern Wife gives me the chance to dream and vent!! All in one post..Happies:1. Daydreaming about the possibilities of what could come from this lawsuit over our wreck. I am simple. I don't want to be filthy rich. I would just like to have some stuff paid off and some money in the bank. But that has not stopped me from entertaining some thoughts of dream purchases. Like the camera I want and a decent car that isn't breaking down every 2 weeks.2. Even though I can't hold my grandson … [Read more...]

FTSF When I was younger….

Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic (Twitter, Facebook) Kate’s Can I Get Another Glass of Whine (Twitter, Facebook) Stephanie’s Mommy For Real (Twitter, Facebook) Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster (Twitter, Facebook) Now for Some Rules: Please Make Sure to Follow Your Hosts, If You Haven’t Already. Make Sure to Read and Comment on at Least Two of the Posts That Come Before Yours. Share Your Favorites on Facebook and/or Twitter Using the Hashtag #FTSF. Now Make Sure to Link Up … [Read more...]

Double Dipping Friday.. BYOC and Frack you Friday…

Being Friday you know I go hang out with my girl Dazee and have my Frack you Friday, now I also Hook up with Me, Drazil and Shenique for Bring your own Crazy. Lord knows I have more then enough crazy to go around. Frack You Friday to the flat tires that are still plaguing this hillside. First it was my van but we got that taken care of. Then Gene's back tire would stay inflated all week, till he didn't drive it one day and boom it would be flat. Now our riding lawnmower has a flat. What is … [Read more...]