What the Who What When Where Wednesday with It’s Just Me

See that above.. yeah that is pretty much how my week has been. I am still trying to get the license of the carnival man who put me on the tilt a whirl on high speed knowing I get sick when I have to spin around like that.

Doug has really done it to his knee, he was already on crutches and a brace and went back to school, sans pain meds. By yesterday his knee was swelled and you could just wiggle it all over his leg. An ambulance ride to the ER and another trip for me to go pick him up to find out now he has blown the cartilage out. Ya know cause he is a MAN and therefore can do what they said NOT to do long before he is supposed to.. sighs.

Allergies suck big green donkey weiners with purple polka dots. Apparently there is something in Richmond, where my son is attending college that sets me off as soon as I enter town. So I spend my time sneezing, snotting, coughing, eyes watering all while there and all the way home. That is WITH my allergy medication. Which leaves me to wonder what the heck they are growing there I am allergic too. But then again it is a college town.. and ya know I am allergic to weed and I am not talking dandelions or crabgrass. I mean Mary Jane, wacky backy, and all those other names they give it. As in even the smell of it growing makes me ill and sniffy and sneezy.. Actually smoking it yeah me and the toilet get real acquainted. I don’t get giggly, I don’t get hungry, I get SICK for HOURS.

So I think that is about all my rants, for this instant anyway… go visit It’s Just me and tell her I sent you..




  1. Oh man, allergies are the worst. And jeso-peezo, couldn’t Doug take it easy on his knee. Gosh.
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