Why I will always be a small town girl

Well I figured out how to change my header around and now when you come in the picture above will be randomly selected. The one with the house in it, yeah not my house, I wish. I always drive past that and think how much it resembles a doll house. It is definitely unique. The rest of them are of my beautiful family. I took them all.

Gene is still working major overtime, so we cherish the weekends when we get time to spend some time together. This weekend we spent all of Saturday running around with the boys and taking some pictures with them.

Jesse and devin's photo shoot 036

Jesse and devin's photo shoot 056

Then that night we went to an auction down the road from our house. After the auction all the chairs were pushed back and floor cleared for the band to play and people to dance. These are the reasons I love small town living. It isn’t about the money, it’s about the being together. We don’t have a lot but we share what we have because that is how we were raised.

I love auctions because it is a chance to find some really great stuff at ridiculous prices. Like fencing. Having 9 pups who now have their eyes open we were looking at chicken wire or something else to help pin them in to their area. My neighbor has dogs he does not keep contained and I worry they will wander this way and we will have a HUGE fight when momma Sasha comes out with teeth bared. At the auction they had a roll of the uncovered wire fencing and 7 rolls of covered fencing. Gene bid on the roll of uncovered and let it go when it got to 8 bucks. Then they sold the whole lot of the covered for one price, meaning you got all 7 rolls for one money. So he began bidding on those. He won those for 7 bucks, so he got a way better deal. More fencing, that is better quality for less money.. WIN. We got the kids a few things and bid on a couple of other things. Most of all we all had fun. Devin cracked me up though. He loved the sights and sounds of the auction and can’t wait to go back this week. That and he made friends with the guy who runs it, they are now big buddies. Anyway he and I had walked outside and while out there one of the musicians was outside playing his banjo, tuning it up before they had to actually play. Devin stood there listening , tapping his foot and said, ” Mom don’t you just love listening to old country and bluegrass like this?”. Suddenly my son was wise beyond his years, and in the same moment I realized that I had taught him well. He has learned the importance of slowing down and enjoying the simple things, like live bluegrass.

There were moments my sister and husband and I talked about how much mom would have enjoyed the auction. Especially when a box of stuffed animals came up for sale. Mom loved her babies. She loved buying them from yard sales and thrift stores, especially if they did something, like sing or dance. If they didn’t work she would take them apart to find out why.

Sunday we spent being lazy and working on the yard. Got it all mowed and taken care of so that is done for another week. In less then a month Doug will start college. Hard to believe a year ago we were not sure if he would live to now with his drug addiction and choices. Between that and a girl that had major issues he has done extremely well here recently.

I don’t think it would have been the same for him or us were we to live in a large town. The connections just aren’t the same.

Larry's Auction 012



  1. I loved the pictures of the guys I saw on facebook!
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Having a BoyMy Profile

  2. Love all the pictures…. and I had to refresh the screen about 30 times before the house finally came up, ha ha! I love that you are consciously documenting those moments – capturing pictures of your loved ones. I love that even after such a painful storm of losing Mom, you are in a place where you and your family are GROWING and appreciating eachother. What a blessing you are to eachother!

  3. So glad that Doug is doing so well, and I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for an auction like that!
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  4. I swear we are related. LOL. I will always be a small town girl also. Great photos!