Writers Workshop: I wish they would invent….

Mama Kat and her world-famous Writer’s Workshop are doing it again. This week I chose the prompt Something I wish they would invent or create. As a mom to 3 boys and laundry out the ears wouldn’t it be awesome if they laundry hamper would collect the clothes that never made it into it for me?? I mean no more lost socks, it would have GPS to locate all dirty clothing. Don’t ask how it just would! Then it would sort and load the washer with each load. YESSSS that would completely make my weeks so much easier. Well wait then I need something to fold and hang all the dry clothes. Okay so I need a completely self running and efficient laundry room. One that does it all, all that we require is to pick our clothes up and put them away. Surely these boys can do that right?? But along with that I would require a self-cleaning bathroom for the boys. I need one that self flushes because one of them forgets every time. Then I need a mop to come through and clean up the floor around the toilet. Trust me their aim is never great at 2 am half asleep. A shower that turns itself on and off only when a body is sensed IN the shower. To keep my middle one from turning it on and then wandering aimlessly around the house for the next 20 minutes while steam rolls out of the bathroom through the house. Then he complains because the hot water is gone.. geee I wonder why. An electric razor complete with mini vacuum attached. That way when they shave there won’t be 5 lbs of undefinable body hair in the sink that I am left cleaning out. With boys who manscape I would prefer NOT to touch it at all. A razor with a vacuum would solve that. Simply empty the ‘hair retention area’ once a week. See I don’t ask for much.. I mean really those few things would be a LOT easier to accomplish then say figuring out the brain of a teenaged child of any sex in a 5 minute time frame…bwhahaha


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  1. Seriously… the razor with the vacuum should totally be invented. I think you should patent it quick!
    Rachel recently posted..Suffer with meMy Profile

  2. I’m fine with laundry until I have to put it away, I really need something for that!
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Flab to Fab {Duckalicious}My Profile

  3. I enjoy doing laundry. I hate the putting away part but I love the folding. I’m weird. I find it therapeutic. The rest of the stuff you mentioned? Barf!

  4. You have no idea how much I would pay for that invention — especially the folding and putting away features.

    Star Traci recently posted..In the Spirit of Moving…My Profile

  5. something that collects and does the laundry is always welcome in my life….:)
    Cluttered Brain recently posted..A little insight into my Cluttered Brain :) My Profile