WTFrack Wednesday

WTFrack?! When did I become old?? Old enough to have a college child?? Old enough to NOT have anymore babies in Elementary school??At which point did I even remotely okay any of this?? I am not old enough to not have babies under foot anymore. I mean sure my patience isn’t what it once was, come to think of it my body isn’t either. But I can snuggle with a baby like it’s an olympic event!

Devin's Graduation from Elementary School

The college boy hugging the graduate

WTFrack did I do to have this hair that grows like a weed a lot quicker then it is time to recolor it. Grrr I am debating on going to white and just getting it over with.. BWHAHAH NOT really but there are days.

Why The Frack are my kids out of school after today for 3 months? Seriously?? How am I supposed to keep them occupied for that long?? They have the attention spans of an overactive squirrel as it is now. How many ER visits is this summer going to hold?? Hello remember I have boys. Boys who like to make anything a weapon and chase each other across the property claiming victory for their side. At least until Mama comes out and removes said weapons, snaps the offending tree branch or toy over her knee and tosses them in the trash. Hopefully it will be sunny a lot this year and then they can play on the trampoline and in the pool. Once I get sand to set it up on of course..which requires my husband to not work so hard all week that the weekend he is simply slap wore out. Ahem. Perhaps I might even enjoy some full moon swimming this summer, once the kids are firmly planted in bed.

WTfrack is wrong with people today?? Have they lost all sense of courtesy? We are selling our car. We have had 2 different people contact us, one wanting me to hold it as their child was in the hospital. As a momma I know all about that stress and held it for 2 weeks. They never showed.Despite 2 weeks of daily texts with them. She dropped off the face of the earth when I texted that my sister had an appointment in the area her child was in the hospital, could I bring her anything. Suddenly they were gone.. Perhaps because you didn’t have a kid in the hospital?? I mean why not just say, no, thank you, I can’t get the car I am sorry. Nope. The other person came to the house, drove the car, came in and talked deal, Was supposed to be here the NEXT day with money and to transfer the title and all. Never showed, never called. I called back 2x and have yet to receive a response. Common manners people. I understand things are tight. I get that sometimes we WANT to do something but life happens.  At least contact me and say something.. UGHHHH Ok I am done. I think. At least until Friday when I will have 2 more days of frustrations to deal with…



  1. Whoo hoo with your boys graduating! You’re not old, you’re successful… look at how they’ve grown! :)

  2. It’s hard. But then you move on. Then they move out, you become an empty nester, you love it, then they move back in. You never have time yourself. What? sorry, disregard
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  3. People are simply amazing! I had a highchair/booster seat on craigslist. A lady said she wanted it but wanted me to drive 25 minutes to drop it off to her. Um…NO! I was selling it for $10. It was BRAND NEW and that was a third of what it would cost at the store. SMH…. ugh!